Holiday Studio Show & Sale
One day only December 19, 10 am – 5 pm
Gourmet Cookware • Garden Sculpture • Tableware
Robbie Lobell & Maryon Attwood
640 Patmore Road, Coupeville (map & directions)

Platters may be used in the oven for broiling and roasting or on an outside grill on top of an even flame. The specially formulated clay body and glazes have been passed down from nationally known studio potters Karen Karnes and Ann Stannard of Morgan, Vermont to studio artists Robbie Lobell and Maryon Attwood, now residing in Coupeville, WA. These unique and affordable platters are not available in stores but may be purchased by contacting the artist. Prices begin at $35.00.

Maryon Attwood and Maryon Attwood Studios


Oven-to-table Platterware

  • Beauty and functionality
  • Safe cooking surface -
    alternative to Teflon & aluminum
  • Each piece is handmade
    & unique
  • Great for:
    • slow food aficionados
    • lovers of fine food & art
    • caterers and chefs
    • B&B owners
    • gourmet food shop owners
    • appreciators of quality
      kitchen tools and accessories

"Perfect for anyone who cares about fine food and beautiful yet simple presentations on environmentally friendly oven-to-table ware."

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